Flying Solo On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those times where solo folks aren’t the happiest bunnies in the hutch. For those that are still hurt from a painful breakup, reminders of ‘what it used to be like’ float around in their heads. Lovers in long distance relationships wish they could be together even just for that one night. There’s also the general ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ crowd that would rather the day didn’t exist at all. We’ve got some tips for those folks who are flying solo on Valentine’s Day – just to make the day special for you.

Plan your tv-watching ahead of time. Most network tv is filled with those ‘couple-y movies’ and romantic comedies. Even the on-demand services tend to feature movies for those lovey-dovey types. If you’re spending an evening in front of the television, you might want to pick out a few DVDs ahead of time to avoid the mush-fests. This might even be an excuse to check out that adult DVD you’ve been eyeballing for a while. (We’d suggest Jessica Drake’s Guide to Female Masturbation for the ladies flying solo!)Flying Solo On Valentines DaySpoil yourself with a new sex toy. Rather than spending money on a hotel room, expensive one night dinners or a carriage ride around the park, pick up a luxury solo sex toy. For a portion of the cash you’d drop on an evening out, you can get a pick-me-up that will last you for years to come. For those who love vibrations, the Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator is one of the most popular luxury sex toys at Adam and Eve online.

Drinking? Have sober-you set up something to prevent those drunken dials. Especially for those who are going through  a rough breakup, the drunk dialing struggle is real. Before you start on that bottle of wine, decide what you what you feel is acceptable. Some ladies and gents leave sticky-notes on their phones reminding themselves how embarrassed they may be if they speak their mind after half that bottle is gone. Others nip the problem in the bud and stick to smaller bottles. There are even apps out there that will pop up before you send those texts making sure you’re aware of what you’re doing.

Treat yourself to a nice dinner out – on February 15th. Let’s face it – restaurants will be mobbed on Valentine’s Day and most places will also have a ‘set menu’ of a limited amount of their usual menu. Hitting your favorite ‘spoil yourself’ spot on the day after Valentine’s Day and you’ll avoid all the crowds, get the food you’re looking for, and not have to deal with couples smooching over the tables in every which direction.