Get It Going With The Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit

For the guys who aren’t ready to dive head first into the world of sex toys, the Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit has a collection of love aids that will be a gentle introduction. The three toys included in this kit are for surface pleasure only – no penetration involved. Each of these toys includes small vibrators that help you please your lover, using your own skill as the foundation for pleasure. They’re small, discreet and disposable – making them ideal for a weekend get away for a quickie when you need it.

Vibrating Tongue Ring – Who doesn’t love giving oral sex? The Vibrating Tongue Ring adds a little bit of fun to your usual fellatio or cunnilingus session. The wearer slides their tongue through the loop, and pushes it back slightly. Pressing the vibrator tongue ring against the roof of your mouth will transfer the vibrations through to the tongue. Now in addition to licking and lapping, warm vibrations will be part of your oral game! Vibr-O-Man Better Sex KitVibrating Finger Vibe – Pinpointing vibrations to the exact right place is easy with the Vibrating Finger Vibe in the Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit. Because the material in the finger vibe is stretchy, it will slide over even the most firm of fingers. Turning on the vibes will send the sensation down to the ticklers, transferring that sensation right to your lover’s skin.

Vibrating Erection Band – Great for keeping a harder erection, this penis ring has the added bonus of texture and vibrations. Regular penis rings restrict the blood from flowing out of the penis, making a harder and longer lasting erection. The vibrations can be felt by both the wearer, as well as the lucky body pressed up against it. The textures pinpoint those vibrations right where it’s felt best – against the vagina or anus that’s enjoying the penis’s company.

Each toy in the Vibr-O-Man Better Sex Kit is made from a flexible silicone blend that is easy on the skin. They’re water resistant, meaning you can take them into the pool or hot tub for some extra wet play. Slip this inexpensive kit into your travel bag and you’ll certainly have trip worth remembering!