High Class Pleasure With The Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager

With all the sex toys we see at Adam and Eve, sometimes it takes a lot for us to step back and go ‘WOW’ when we see a new product. We’ve got to say – the Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager is one of those toys. You probably have never seen a toy quite like this before. You’ve got to check out this toy to believe it!

Most wand massagers these days are rather utilitarian looking – basic rounded head, long handle, five foot cord. Bodywands up this with their rechargeable units, but their design has always been pretty slick and standard. Not so for their Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager! The handle of this six inch long hand held massager is covered in hundreds of clear rhinestones. This is the dream vibrator for the girly girl that you love!

The Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager has two vibration settings to choose from. Unlike other wands that have short cords, this glittery massager has a rechargeable battery that lasts for an hour once fully charged, and it takes an hour to charge completely. A USB charger is included, but you can also use many USB-based plug units out there if you need to travel! The massage head is made from a comfortable TPE material and should be surface washed by hand. For those of you who like the slick feeling of lube with your surface massagers, you can use both a water based and a silicone based sex lubricant with the Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager.Bodywand Gems MassagerThis wand massager is designed for external use only. Besides the obvious, Bodywands are great for working out shoulder kinks and getting sore muscles to behave. It’s great for solo play, as well as with a partner when you really want to get their toes curling!

Bodywand is one of the more affordable rechargeable wand massagers on the market. While much of its competition is priced close to the $200 mark, Bodywands usually retail for less than $100. When we heard they were coming out with a limited edition wand that was covered in glittering rhinestones, we thought for sure they’d be pushing the three figure mark. But – this amazingly eye catching vibrator still comes in at an affordable $79.95!

Whether you’re a girly girl who loves glittery goodies, a cam performer who is looking to stand out from the competition or just looking for something outrageous to add to your sex toy collection, we strongly suggest you check out the Limited Edition Bodywand Gems Massager.