Lelo’s Latest Pleasure Products

When it comes to luxury sex toys, we bet one of the first brand names that pops into your mind is Lelo. This Swedish pleasure product manufacturer is one of the bestselling lines of toys – and for a good reason. With numerous awards, great reviews and high quality products, you really can’t go wrong. There are two new Lelo toys at Adam and Eve right now, each giving their own little twist on sex toys you may have seen before.

Lelo Insignia Hula Beads – Even if your first introduction to vaginal beads was Fifty Shades of Grey, you might already be aware of the major concern with this style of toy – difficulty for removal. The Lelo Insignia Hula Beads remove that worry with their singular molded unit with retrieval cord that feels just like you’re wearing the traditional pleasure balls. But of course Lelo takes it to the next level. This set of pleasure balls also has a wireless remote control that speed and vibration style. Set your favorite setting before you insert the toy, or hand the remote off to your lover to have them control the action. This isn’t your usual remote, though. Lelo’s special SensoMotion allows you to control the vibrations by shaking or moving the unit back and forth. The waterproof Lelo Insignia Hula Beads is covered with easy to clean silicone and runs for 1.5 hours on its rechargeable batteries. The Lelo Insignia Hula Beads can be charged through a USB connection or your standard wall plug.Lelo's Latest Pleasure Products

Lelo Insignia Ora Sensual Oral Pleasure Massager – Now, there aren’t too many toys on the pleasure product market that mimic the feel of cunnilingus, with most of them looking like cartoon tongues. Lelo realizes that not everyone like anatomical looking sex toys, but still want the pleasures associated with good oral sex. The Lelo Insignia Ora Sensual Oral Pleasure Massager mimics the feel of having your clitoris licked with the swirling nub. The rotating ‘bump’ under a thin layer of silicone moves up and down over your body, shadowing the actions that a tongue usually provides. With ten different stimulation modes you’ll be sure to find a setting that works for what you want. The hypoallergenic surface is easy to clean with basic soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The rechargeable batteries on the Lelo Insignia Ora Sensual Oral Pleasure will run you for an hour of play and can be recharged through the included wall outlet charger.

We’re well aware that Lelo toys are priced higher than your standard sex toys. This is because – to put it simply – Lelo aren’t your standard sex toy. These luxury products have been pleasing bodies and minds for years, and we know it’ll be the same for you. The Lelo Insignia Ora Sensual Oral Pleasure Massager or the Lelo Insignia Hula Beads would make a great birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s gift.