Perfect Hotel Getway Ideas for Valentines Day

This February 14th, quite a few couples will be making their way to local hotels for Valentine’s Day. Some couples enjoy the high end hotels for an overnight to spoil themselves. Others use that home-away-from-home as their own places aren’t the most couples-friendly around. Whichever category you fall in, here are a few tips and ideas to achieve the perfect hotel getaway for you and your lover this Valentine’s Day.

Splurge what you can afford. This is the time to get the ‘suite’ or ‘deluxe’ or ‘superior’ level room. Don’t spend so much money that you’ll be hurting financially, but this is the time to spoil yourself. You don’t want to have sexy times in a closet sized room with a single twin bed (unless you’re going for the dorm-room-role-play thing). The other issue is that since many couples book hotels on Valentine’s Day, those lower end rooms tend to be the first that get sold out.

Bring something new. After you’ve booked the room, you might want to splurge just a little bit more on something brand spanking new for the bedroom. Adam and Eve have a great selection of Valentine’s Day lingerie, as well as couples toys that can be enjoyed by you both. You don’t need to go out and spend as much on a sex toy as you have on your room – something as simple as a Screaming O Sexy Valentine Bag O Tricks will do the job.Perfect Hotel Getway Ideas for Valentines DayThis is the time to order room service. Yes – we know that this is adding more money to the pile to spend on Valentine’s Day, but there’s a few reasons why you may want to eat in on February 14th. First, the restaurants will be filled with couples enjoying their evening. If you’re not into crowds, this can put a damper on your night. Next, there’s oh-so-much fun that can be had with food in the privacy of your own room. Order those ice cubes, chocolate sauce and honey dripped foods! Lastly, you won’t have to worry about getting dressed – just throw that hotel shower robe on when the server comes to the room, then toss it back off when they’re gone!

Book that late checkout. Between your job, the kids, and maybe even an eager pet or two, we bet that you’re up early more often than not. After a night of rather vigorous activity, you’ll want to sleep in. You can also avoid the check-out rush if you book yourself a late checkout. Check ahead of time with your hotel – some offer perks like late checkouts or early check in at a discount if you book ahead of time.