Pinch Play With The Master Series Double Bar Pincher

For those that love to feel the pinch, the usual place to turn is nipple clamps, clitoris clips and other hinged type toys. The problem with these can be the difficulty to control the level of pressure – especially with lower priced clips. If you’re ready to upgrade to something that is as sexy looking as it is functional, pick up the Master Series Double Bar Pincher.

Master Series Double Bar Pincher is based on a ‘home brewed’ design used by many couples who enjoy BDSM. First item needed is a pair of sticks – usually chop sticks, but any straight stick-like object will do, such as pencils. The sticks are placed on either side of the body part of choice, and a rubber band is strung around each end to squeeze the sticks together. Pressure can be increased by sliding down the sticks closer to the part of the body in the middle. This is typically used on nipples, the clitoris, lips (both vaginal and oral) or tongue.Master Series Double Bar Pincher

What the Master Series Double Bar Pincher is take this homemade design and finishes it off. The wooden sticks are replaced with two durable metal bars. Rather than a pair of office style rubber bands, the Master Series Double Bar Pincher uses a series of black rubber o-rings that slide over the shaft. Simply pull the metal bars apart, slide the desired body part inside, then pull the bars back together to get the pressure going. The closer the o-rings are to the middle, the more intense the feeling. The eight inch long bars fit easily in your BDSM gear bag, or can be slipped inside a purse for discreet travel play.

When using a new set of pinchers for the first time, be sure to try them out on a less sensitive part of the body first. We suggest clipping the tip of your pinky finger while you get used to how to slide the rings up and down the toy, and to see how much pressure is given. As with any BDMS and sexual activity, communication between the partners is necessary for a successful session.

Most couples who purchase the Master Series Double Bar Pincher get at least two at a time. They’re an amazing looking toy to use visually – great for those who like to be on display at fetish events or for BDSM cam performers. If you’re looking to move beyond the ‘chopsticks and elastics’ setup for pressure play, check out the Master Series Double Bar Pincher from XR Brands!