Trojan Does Sex Toys Right

We’d gladly bet that you’re all aware that Trojan makes some of the most popular condoms in the world. We see their name on boxes at every drug store, corner convenience shop and pleasure product shelve we walk into. But did you know that Trojan also dips their toes into the sex toy world? One of their latest products is the Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill. This isn’t your usual ‘single sensation vibe’ that a lot of non-sex toy companies tend to come out with. This is vibrations done right!

The first thing that will catch your attention about the Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill is its shape. For those that prefer their sex toys to not too anatomical, this is something you’ll appreciate. Even those that enjoy penis shaped toys will certainly get something out of the Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill as well! Rather than a single shaft, the Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill has three short probes that are designed for surface stimulation rather than penetration.Trojan Does Sex Toys RightThe first of three stimulation points has over 100 miniature studs dotted over the surface. This mimics the feel of at ‘studded’ condom, but with a more direct hit. The grooved tip is detailed with increasingly larger circles embedded into the pleasure tip. This reminds us of the ‘ribbed for her pleasure’ style condoms. The aptly-named ‘Wow’ tip is a collection of waves designed to feel like a tongue flicking over your body.

The Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill is powered by 3 A76 watch batteries which are included (and easy to find online when they do wear out). The vibrator itself is a simple on-off switch. The hypoallergenic silicone is not only easy to clean, the whole unit is waterproof. The entire vibrating portion of the toy can be removed, making sanitation that much easier. We can certainly see this being a toy to bring into the shower or hot tub! It’s a great toy for travel, with it measuring just 1.25 inches wide and 3 inches long. Slip this into your back pocket or hand bag for fun on the go! Because the Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill uses silicone, we recommend using a water based sex lubricant, to ensure your vibrating toy stays as pristine as possible.

So tell us – where do you plan on using your Trojan Vibrations Multi-Thrill toy? Is this your favorite product from Trojan or are you a fan of another of their pleasure products? Leave a comment below or check out our Facebook page and join in on the community chatting about this toy!