Ultimate Enhancement Kit – Bigger & Harder Without Pills!

We’ve got the one stop collection for the guys who are looking to upgrade their package without popping pills or painful injections. The Ultimate Enhancement Kit includes everything you need to go the distance, whether you’re looking for a bigger penis, a longer lasting erection, more stamina in the bedroom or a combination of the above. Picking up this package will save you some serious cash over buying each product individually, and you’ll have everything you need at once to get the games going.

Full Coverage Sleeve – Looking to add a few more inches? The Full Coverage Sleeve is a closed ended penis attachment that can add up to two inches in length. The base of the attachment can be cut to fit your needs, whether you’re looking to increase your length a little or a lot. Slide your penis inside and the suction created will keep it in place. The bulbed end mimics the actual penis, letting your lover experience that delicious pleasure of the first moment of penetration.

Thickening Sleeve – The open ended thickening sleeve can increased your girth by up to 33%! At the base is a ball strap that can help you delay ejaculation, making a longer and more worthwhile session. The open end makes the thickening sleeve easy to clean and allows more sensation to pass through directly to the penis. There’s also a small opening that you can insert the included vibrating bullet for an added level of pleasure for both you and your lover.Ultimate Enhancement KitVibrating Bullet – This push-button bullet vibrator is as simple as it gets. Press the button once to turn it on, then again to turn it off. It fits perfectly in the recess in the Thickening Sleeve, or works great on its own. It’s powered by watch size batteries which are included with the Ultimate Enhancement Kit.

Two Enhancement Rings – The pair of stretch enhancement rings can add length and thickness to your erection without losing sensation. Use on their own, or pair them up for even more compression. We know quite a few guys like wearing one around the base of their shaft to restrict blood flow (creating a harder erection) and another around their testicles (delaying ejaculation). Talk about a one-two punch!

Moist Lube – This water based lubricant is ideal for use with all the toys in the Ultimate Enhancement Kit, as well as many other sex toys and pleasure products. You can even use the Moist Lube with condoms.

Refresh Toy Cleaner – When all the fun is done, use the Refresh Toy Cleaner to get the toys ready for their next round. The cleaner is specially designed to work with the materials that make up the sleeves, leaving them not only clean at the end of the day, but helps them last through quite a few hot and steamy nights!