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When Kinky Toys Look Medieval

Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel

I’ve got to admit, when by boyfriend presented me with a necklace sized box the other night, the last thing I thought would be inside would resemble some sort of medieval torture device. With a devilish look in his eyes, I gave him permission to try out his newest toy on me – the Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel.

Can I Really Stick My Sex Toys In The Dishwasher

Can I Really Stick My Sex Toys In The Dishwasher

One of the less enjoyable parts of playing with sex toys is the clean up after the fact. If you are anything like us, gathering up the energy to wash down your favorite toy after an evening full of ‘activity’ is the last thing on your mind. But what if it was as easy as sticking it in the dishwasher? For some toys, it is!

Orange Sex Toys Lover

orange sex toys

Halloween was over and still can’t get enough of that lovely Halloween orange color?  We’ve got a selection of orange sex toys that would be the perfect post-Halloween gift for your lover.

Exploring ElectroSex Toys

Exploring ElectroSex Toys

 Looking for a new sensory activity to explore with your partner? Into BDSM but want to move away from impact toys as a pain delivery system? The world of electrosex toys may be one that is not used by many beginner S&M enthusiasts, but with a bit of learning this style of play may open up new avenues to explore.

Super Hero Sex Toys – Yes Real Ones!

super hero sex toys

If you’re on the internet (and if you’re reading this…then we dare say you are), you may have come across the viral set of images posted in one social media site depicting the Avenger’s super heros in the form of sex toys.

Picking Out The Right Sex Toy Cleaner


With all the various types of sex toy materials out there, it’s sometimes hard to be sure that you are cleaning your sex toy in the right way. Which toys need specialized cleaners, and which can handle just soap and water? Are all spray toy cleaners made the same? Is sticking a dildo in your dishwasher actually safe?

Back To School Series – Strap-On Supply List


Next on the Adam and Eve Back to School syllabus – strapons! These sex toy sets are great not only for lesbian lovers, but for hetero couples who want to explore their pegging fantasies. There are even hollow strapons that guys can wear for when they want a way to add a few inches without having to resort to pills or cock rings.

Our Kind of Back To School Shopping

Our Kind of Back To School Shopping


It’s that time of the year where parents and students start stocking up on their back to school supplies. Sure, you could probably get creative and find a way for backpacks to be erotic, but at times like this you’ll have to look outside the school supplies aisle for your adult needs. For those of you who are looking to pick up something slightly sexier than pencils and notebooks, we’ve got a few items that will get you an A in anyone’s book!

Back To School Series – Filling Your Bondage Backpack

Filling Your Bondage Backpack

In our next lesson in the Adam and Eve Back To School Series, we are making sure that all our BDSM learners have all the supplies they need to get a great session going. The trick is –we’re giving you suggestions on all toys and tools that will fit into a standard sized backpack!

Making Your Sex Toy Batteries Last Longer

Making Your Sex Toy Batteries Last Longer

We’ve all come across the disaster of not having working batteries when it comes time to turn on your toys. Or worse – there’s enough juice to get it going, but right before you climax, your toy starts to slow down. What can you do to get your sex toy batteries to last longer?