5 Tips to Seducing Him

Men often love to be seduced. Since men generally have the burden of initiation and seduction, turning the tables on him can make him feel wanted and attractive — while you get to experience your own, more active, erotic energy in a very powerful way.

Peek his interest

A quick visual peek at your favorite asset can go a long way to pique his interest. It can be done in a tasteful way – adjusting a hemline or leaning over him to order. Either way, it can give him the impression that you are about to pounce.

Initiation isn’t just for the boys

Be a little bold. Find that part within yourself that loves to be playful and flirty. Role play with yourself with what a great lover you are. It can be great for your self esteem and it takes the pressure off of him.

Compliments go both ways

He wants to be appreciated for who he is, and what he does well. Compliment him on what he does right. Make sure you not only compliment him directly but that you let him over hear you telling someone else how kind, funny or intelligent he is. It’s a wonderful and sincere relationship lubricant.

5 Tips to Seducing Him

A little dirty talk goes a long way

It can be a well placed “fuck me” in the beginning of sex play or simply a “god, you’ve got me so hot” before you even jump at him. There is power in erotic dialogue and if you use it even sparingly, it will probably pepper his fantasies for a long time to come.

Get Creative

Show him you care by going out of your way by not only asking him on a date but planning it. Again, most guys get a raw deal here and are expected to create elaborate plans for each date. Show him that you are up to the challenge by truly listening to him and getting ideas about what might really ring his bell. It could be catered box seats for hockey or taking him to a strip club for an erotic lap dance. Let him give you ideas and then let your imagination run wild.

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