Which Male Masturbator Works For You

Hey fellas – looking for a new sex toy? Male masturbators are some of the most popular toys for guys, due to the fact they’re not only perfect for some ‘alone time’, using them with a lover is also a possibility. Whether you’re looking for something quick and cheap or a toy that will last you a while, there are plenty of male masturbators to check out at Adam & Eve. Most masturbators fall into three categories, each with their own qualities to consider.

Sleeves – The least expensive male masturbators on the market are simple tubes with various styles of added texture to enhance your self-pleasure experience. Toys like the Tenga Egg are meant to be used then thrown away, while others like the Super Head Honcho Masturbator can be washed and used again. These are best paired up with some water based lube and used as you would if you were manually masturbating. These are great for guys that have never used any kind of sex toy before, both because of their budget price as well as the fact that having a partner use them on your body is quite a simple process. Replace your hand with theirs, and you’re ready to go!Which Male Masturbator Works For YouPocket Pussy Masturbators – The next step up on the male masturbator ladder are hand held sex toys that resemble vaginas. These toys are either created from molds of actual female body parts (most often adult film stars) or cast by hand from a fictional pussy. When looking for this style of male masturbator, keep in mind that while those with a hole at one end deliver greater suction power, they’re also more difficult to clean than those with holes at each end. Pocket pussies come in various skin tones from the very pale UR3 Palm Pal to the ebony Foxy’s Platinum Masturbator.

Realistic Masturbators – When something hand held just isn’t good enough, there are masturbators that resemble real life body parts in their actual size. We’re not talking about just a vagina – we’re talking sections of the female form! The Sasha Grey Deep Penetrating Pussy & Ass has not only a vagina for your penetration pleasure, but an anus to enjoy and a pair of hips to hold onto. Spread Eagle Sally and the Shag’in Silly Masturbator are also torso-based sex toys. The pricetag on these pleasure products can be quite expensive, so you want to be sure to take care of your toys. Always use the right kind of lube as indicated by the manufacturer. If your toy comes with specialized cleaners, we do suggest using those to get the longest life out of your high end masturbator.