Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Mens Sex Toys

In our second installation of basic sex toy collections for under $50, we’re taking on the fellas. While the sale of sex toys for men has been increasing over time, there are a still a few guys out there that think they’re a bit taboo. Some men don’t want to come to grips with the idea that they need anything else to help them get off, while others are more upset that their lover is looking for something more. So what sex toys do you get for the guy who has never had any and is looking for something low key? Here is our list of the basic sex toys you should get for you men, for under $50!

Vibrating Penis Ring – price range $11 to $16

One of the more unassuming sex toys for guys is the penis ring. These little plastic circles aren’t just for the BDSM crowd, and aren’t designed as punishment for a naughty man. Penis rings have a number of purposes, including making the member harder for a longer period of time. Slightly more advanced than the standard model, vibrating penis rings can not only stimulate the man wearing it, but add something for their female lover as well. Built in small bullet vibrators like the one in the First Time Love Ring can stimulate a nearby clit.

Basic Male Masturbator – price range $6 to $20

For the guys who are going it alone, or their partners who want to play along, male masturbators are a great little piece of equipment to enhance the basics hand job. For the basic starter units, the male masturbator often resembles a tube with an opening. Made from the same materials as a lot of dildos, they mold themselves against the skin and move along with the upwards and downwards motions. For starters, it’s a good idea to get a male masturbator with an opening at each end like the Good Head Stroker, as it makes cleanup easier.

Water Based Lubricant – price range $5 to $12

Especially when using male masturbators, lube is a must. To be sure that your toy is compatible with the lube, we suggest playing it safe and going with a water based option. Not only can you use it for your sex toys, you can also use it during sex, even when using latex condoms. For the guys who think they’ll use their masturbators a lot, we suggest going with a larger bottle of lube like the 8oz bottle of Adam and Eve Lube. These toys are at their best when they are absolutely swimming in sex lube!

Penis Sleeve or Extender – price range $11 to $20

Now we realize that penis sleeves and extenders can be a bit of a red-light when it comes to guys using sex toys for the first time. Especially with the fellas that are less than confident about their shape or size, adding something onto the penis can just spell trouble. If you or your guy is a bit on the fence, there are unassuming versions that may be a good first step. Sleeves that add texture rather than size like the Tickler Cage may show the guy that it’s more about texture than anything else.  Silicone Superflex Stimulators can add a bit of hardness to the guy’s erection, but it’s still more about the bumpy sides than anything else. If your guy has no issue with extensions, basic starters like the Futuristic Penis Enhancer are in the right price range for guys starting out in the sex toy world.