Can You Own Too Many Sex Toys?

I recently took a look at my sex toy collection and had a huge epiphany. The toys that I’ve collected over the last several years has amounted to an amount that might as well be bigger than my shoe collection, and I own A LOT of shoes. I began to wonder if my obsession with sex toys was being over done. Has my pleasure with the unique ideas that sites like Adam & Eve present to me taking over my obsession with pleasure? Could this be the reason that I almost always incorporate toys into sex? Could this actually be hindering my desire to have sex with men?!? After a long sit down with myself (and my toys of course!), I’ve come to the conclusion that you can never own too many sex toys, and here’s why.

too many sex toys

Ultimate Exploration

Like the partners that I have and have had sex with, I’m always on the hunt for unique and exciting ways to rewrite the Karma Sutra. I get bored in the bed easily, so if my partner doesn’t want to change the game a little bit, he’ll drive me crazy. I tend to think that it’s the same way with my toys. If I had just one toy, it wouldn’t be any fun. I love getting new toys and seeing what they can do for me that my current collection hasn’t already done. I also like to revisit the old toys that have started to collect dust. It’s nice to know that the classics are still the classics for a very particular reason.

Ultimate Pleasure

No sex session with a partner is more exciting or intense than the first time. While the sex might be better as you become more acquainted with each other, the way your heart races the first time really adds an intensity that you won’t find any other time. The same would also apply to a new sex toy. When they arrive, I get so excited to try them out and see what they’ll do for me. I usually purchase sex toys based on what they say they can do, and what that does for my imagination. I think about those words until the day it arrives, and I’m usually blown away by my initial orgasms that I get out of new toys.

Ultimate Experience

When I had first started realizing my obsession with pleasure, both by myself and with a partner, it seemed like what it took to pleasure me was almost nothing. Unfortunately, with experience comes the issue of things taking a little bit longer to come full circle. I’ve noticed that each toy I buy seems to get a little bit more complicated with every purchase, and things have gotten quite complex! Nonetheless, this also tells me that I’m very experienced in pleasuring myself, and it’s easy to tell if a specific toy is going to get me off when I want it to and in a reasonable amount of time.

There’s nothing wrong with owning a vast collection of sex toys. With each one you buy, you learn an element of pleasuring yourself (or your partner) that you didn’t know before. I say that sex toys should be like cookies…you can’t have just one! Never be ashamed of your collection. If anything, I’d encourage others to do the same as I have.