Great Oral Sex Tips On Guys

Dr. Kat gives you some tips for performing oral sex on guys. First off, you should definitely know your anatomy. Make sure that you can identify where the gland is, the frenulum, the shaft of the penis and the testicles. When you begin oral sex, you want to make sure that you have enough salivation to provide the lubrication.

You can start with just tickling around the gland of the penis and making sure you don’t forget the frenulum. You can work your way down the shaft using your tongue or your lips. Even a little bit of nibbling is okay. Just make sure you don’t get your teeth too involved. Also, don’t forget the testicles. Lots of guys like testicle play with the mouth. So whether you’re sucking on the testicles or kissing, make sure that you involve them too at some point as well. And lots of guys like hand play along with the blowjob. So you want to make sure you can do is just coordinate your play. You can vary suction, things with your mouth but also, you can give them a hand job at the same time that you’re performing oral sex to.

The main thing is that you give him a little sprinkling of everything. But when it gets down to the point that he’s going to orgasm and ejaculate, you want to make sure that whatever you’re doing at that point that’s working for him that you keep doing that. Switching it up from that point for some men is a little drawing. They kind of like the repetition right before they ejaculate. Also, you have the option. Do you spit, do you swallow? It’s really up to you on what you’re most comfortable with. Some women like to watch the ejaculation helps them get off. Other women feel that blowjob isn’t complete unless they actually swallow. Spitting is okay too, it doesn’t mean anything in particular. It just means whatever you prefer. Those are some quick tips to great oral sex on guys.