How To Maintain Your Sexual Self Even During Menopause

Hi I’m Dr. Kat and I’m here with your sex tip of the day. Today’s sex tip has to do with menopause and sex. So you’re going through the change and your body feels like it’s going haywire. The best thing you can do is to maintain your sexual self by making sure you stay connected to your partner to the process. And also making sure you stay sexually connected to yourself.

I would highly suggest making sure that you continue with your masturbation practices and that you communicate with your partner. There are times when you don’t feel like having sex. You can be upfront about it but be sure you are getting enough physical intimacy so your relationship doesn’t break down overall. And absolutely the number one tip about this is stance up your hormones with your doctor but also to use lube. Anytime you’re going to have insertion play or sex toys or penis-vagina, you want to make sure that you’ve got plenty of lube on you because your hormone’s changing so is your lubrication.