Is Barely There Lingerie Worth The Price

I love lingerie as much as the next girly girl, but there are some sets out there that really make me wonder what some people are thinking. You paid how much for that small patch of fabric? Those cups don’t even cover your breasts! Why on earth would you ever want crotchless underwear anyway? Do guys really like the whole “less is more” thing when it comes to lingerie? Here are three sets of lingerie that make me think – are these things really worth it? (Oh, and for those of you who completely disagree with me, please feel free to leave your comments below, or have a word on the Adam & Eve Facebook page!)

Adam & Eve 2-Piece Pearl Body Necklace – I mean, look at this thing! There’s like nothing to it! On the top you get what looks like the start of a bikini that someone forgot to finish. The open cup top is bordered by a string of pearls that just outlines her boobs. (The model wearing them has amazing boobs, by the way.) Then you get the same thing at the bottom – something that I can only really describe as a pearl thong that just barely covers the girl’s bits. So how much for those “where is the rest of it” lingerie set? Just under $30 (super sexy white thigh highs not included).

barely there lingerieErotica Teddy – Did someone forget to add a few fabric panels to this set? It’s like someone decided that the only thing that should be covered on a woman’s body is her belly button and that valley between her boobs. Forget covering the actual breasts. Or the boobs. Or the butt. Forget imagination – let’s put it all on display! (Although, I must say, the model for this half-there teddy does have the kind of ass that can pull off this outfit.) While I’m sure this is a great set for ladies who are a bit on the larger side, there’s still a whole lot less fabric in this set than in your usually teddy. This collection of string and fabric goes for just under $40.

Chastity Heart Panty & Pasties – Can someone please explain the point of pasties to me? I might as well head to my kitchen drawer and pull out some electrical tape. These two little cutsey heart shaped pasties also come with a bottom piece that some may call underwear, but looks more like a belt maker had a bit too much to drink one might and got creative with his leather leftovers. I swear that smaller strap that goes across her vagina barely covers her slit. I just don’t see the point! You can pick up this pair of pasties and “panties” for under $20.