Lingerie for the Anti-Lace Girls

It’s getting hot in my part of the country. Sure, I could always sleep naked – and usually do.  Every so often, though, it’s fun to wear something that the girlfriend can take off me. I can’t be bothered with all these frilly little bow and lace sets – that’s totally not who I am. I wasn’t too open minded when I started clicking through Adam and Eve’s web site for underwear for me, but I was really surprised with how good the results were!

lingerie for the anti-lace girls

If you haven’t seen the Pink Skull Print Cami Set yet, it’s a three piece, pink and black, punk / girly / scull type themed collection made from nylon. Not a single sparkle, lace, or bow in sight. (Okay, well the skull-girl print on it has bows in ‘her’ hair, but no actual bows on the pieces.) You get a tank top, thong and stockings with this set. It really strikes the right balance for me – cute, without being too ‘little girl-ish’, sexy without being trashy, and easy to put on without being a potato sack. Yes, you can sleep in it, but I’d bet that it would end up on the floor of your bedroom before the night is done.

The Booty Camp Camisole Set is just as good. This set is just the two pieces – the tank top and the thong, and costs slightly less. I think it’s even less girly and overly-pretty than the Pink Skull set. It’s the classic camo print with net-like material that stretches a bit when worn. I’ve even used this top to go out to the club (wearing a couple of pasties underneath, since the top is see through).

I think the most ‘girly’ item I got was the I Like It Dirty Chemise, and even that wasn’t very frilly! This is about as close to lesbian lingerie as I think you can get – crotchless thong, and a top that has cups that open up when you untie the ribbon. I loved the mesh look of the top as well (and also wore this out to the club).

I know a few lesbians like me really aren’t into lingerie at all, and tend to shy away from mainstream shops that seem to stock nothing but pink, frilly and feathery underwear. Hell, I even know quite a few straight girls that are the same way! Thankfully, Adam and Eve have a selection of underwear and lingerie for us ladies who would prefer not to dress up like Barbie dolls for our lovers!