Manscaping Explained – Four Pubic Styles for Guys

There’s a lot of talk about the ways that the ladies style their ‘hair down there’, but we seem to have missed out on the methods that guys style their pubic hair. We’ve had a chat with four of our Twitter followers who were open enough to share their manscaping methods with us, as well as the reasons they prefer their own personal style.

manscaping stylesKeith: “I use a combo of a buzzer and a razor to get my style. I keep my balls and shaft hair free, and I trim down the hair elsewhere. I’m not the biggest guy in the world, so this style makes my dick look a bit bigger than it actually is. Using the buzzer keeps the razor burn at bay, and I only really use it for the edges so that I have a ‘border’ around my bits.”

Aaron: “I just let it grow naturally. No shaving, no trimming. If it gets a bit too out of control, I’ll grab a pair of scissors and trim it down, but that’s a rare event. Given the fact that I don’t shave my face much either, it pretty much says my style. Not lazy, but not overly conscience about my appearance anyway.

Eli: “Mine is kept neat and clean. I don’t shave any part of my package, but I use a combo of a pair of scissors and a trimmer to keep it under control. I really have this fear of getting a blade anywhere near my Johnson – especially since I nick my face at least once a week when shaving. I have to admit I’m a bit lazy about it – to the point that my girlfriend sometimes takes the lead and shears me down like a sheep when she’s had enough. It is kinda sexy, though, when she does it!”

Roman – “Completely bare! I’ve got no hair down there. I wax what I can, and the rest is done with a careful shaving. Lots of shaving cream and a really sharp razor is needed. I’m a model, and sometimes the shoot means that I’m down to my underwear – or less – so the lack of stray hairs means the photographer is spending less time editing out the pics. I also watch a bit of porn, and I really like that ‘clean’ look.

Tell us, guys – which ones of these do you prefer? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook accounts, or leave us a comment below to tell us your favorite manscaping method!