Picking Out The Right Sex Toy Cleaner

With all the various types of sex toy materials out there, it’s sometimes hard to be sure that you are cleaning your sex toy in the right way. Which toys need specialized cleaners, and which can handle just soap and water? Are all spray toy cleaners made the same? Is sticking a dildo in your dishwasher actually safe?

When it comes to sex toys, there are three materials that are the easiest to clean – silicone, glass, and metal. In general, all of these toys can take pretty much anything you can throw at them. The easiest way to clean them is outlined in a post we have done before – sticking them in the top rack of your dishwasher and sending them through you usual cycle. Otherwise, a quick bath in warm soapy water and a rinse with clean water will do the trick. Be sure to check out the toy once it’s come out of the washer, though. Especially with the more intricate detailing on some glass toys, spots can be missed just like on your pots and pans!

So why do they make sex toy cleaners if that’s all you need to do? Because the majority of other sex toy materials can’t take that treatment. Jelly toys, for instance, are some of the more fragile sex toy materials on the market, and can’t handle harsh treatment or the toy may risk breaking down. This is when specialized toy cleaners like the A&E Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner, come into play. Following the directions on the bottle is key, though. Some cleaners require you rinse the toy beforehand, then spray it down, and then have a final rinse at the end. Other cleaners are meant to be left on to evaporate away on their own.How do you know which sex toy cleaner is best for your toy? The easiest way to figure this out is to read any instructions that came with your toy. Sometime this is included in a small pamphlet, while other times it’s outlined on the packaging of the toy itself. Some sex toy retailers have specially made cleaners for their proprietary materials, such as Fanta Flesh with their Fanta Flesh Care Kit, which have been designed to work best with their toys.

When in doubt, though, there are two routes to take. Picking out a basic sex toy cleaner like the System Jo Toy Cleaner will cover most of the bases as far as material safety is concerned. The other option is using a mild antibacterial hand soap and water. Stay away from harsh cleaners, and certainly don’t head into your housecleaning cabinet and get down any of those spray bottles of cleaners! Remove all electronic parts from your toy (or close them tight if it’s waterproof), rinse away any residue on the toy, then give it a gentle clean with the mild hand cleanser. You can use a soft face cloth or nail brush on the more durable toys, but we wouldn’t suggest it on the softer materials. Rinse the toy with clean water, shaking out any water than may have pooled inside the toy itself. (This is especially important with pocket based toys like male masturbators.) Leave to air dry, and put back into your toy cabinet for its next round of fun!