The Vivid Raw Stroker – One For Every Desire

Hand held masturbators for guys are all the rage now, with higher end toys costing hundreds of dollars. Don’t want to splash out on a three figure sex toy before you decide which kind is right for you? The Vivid Raw Stroker collection is not only affordable, it’s made as well as the bigger named toys! With a number of different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to narrow down which pushes all your buttons in no time!

Anal Penetration – There are quite a few butt-based strokers in the Vivid Raw collection. Two of our favorites are the Raw Ass Banger Stroker Combo, which includes a free DVD with your purchase. It also has a pocket to hold the included vibrator – making the sensation even more delicious. The Vivid Hot Booty Stroker comes with a pair of warming rods that you insert prior to use. This will heat the toy up to body temperature, making it feel as lifelike as the real thing when you slip yourself inside.Vivid Raw Stroker Simulated Mouth – The single opening on this mouth masturbator creates a life like suction that will drain you dry!  The realistic lips and tongue are made from TPR, which stretches to fit even the biggest guys. The Vivid Raw Hot Mouth Stroker also can be heated up prior to use with the included warming packets.

Puffy Pussy Stroker – If you want something that looks as realistic as it feels, the Vivid Raw Cock Teaser Stroker Combo needs to go on your wish list. This masturbator is designed to have an outer labia majora which can be spread to reveal the ‘inner lips’ of the labia minora. The textured vagina will grip down on you while the vibrator adds another layer of sensation to your masturbation session.

Aroused Lover Toy – Looking something that closer resembles the higher end masturbators? The Vivid Raw Hot Pussy Stroker displays the inner vaginal lips and aroused clitoris for something as pleasing to the eye as it is to the rest of the body. This toy also includes the warming packs to bring the toy up to body temperature quickly. The tight entry stretches to fit snugly around almost every size penis for a virgin-like experience.

Double Ended Pleasure – Can’t make up your mind? The Vivid Raw Dual Pleasure Stroker Combo has a double ended toy that has a vaginal penetration opening at one end, and a mouth on the other. The open ended design doesn’t quite give you that tight suction that the single opening toys have, but the texture inside is something not to miss!

All of the Vivid Raw toys are made with TPR, giving it a truly lifelike feel. Be sure to use a water based lubricant with your stroker to be sure material lasts. Cleaning off the Vivid Raw strokers is as easy as using your favorite sex toy cleaner, or giving it a quick wash in warm soapy water.