Where To Have Sex in Public

Sex Expert Dr. Kat is here to give you another sex tips. Today’s sex tip has to do with outdoor sex. Now I’m not talking about exhibitionism. I’m actually talking about being able to have sex with your partner in the great out of doors. So the main thing there is to find a nice private spot. So whether it’s in the course of camping or finding a nice large park area where people are spread out, you don’t want to run into other people.

Another great way to make it happen on the fly is carry a blanket with you and if one of your partners is female, have her wear a skirt. That way, you can flip right up and get in and out of there so to speak. Blankets are really great in order to give you some different options as far as under trees or behind bushes. But to tell you the truth, if it gets right down to it, you want to quick endurity, standing up in a rear entry position is really a good option. Now you can also cheat a little bit, if you just want to have sex outdoor and be able to enjoy and linger, I suggest move it into the backyard. That way you can have the best of both worlds.