My First Anal Toy Review by Dr. Kat

Hi there I’m Dr. Kat and you’re in the Sex Toy box. I am reviewing today “My first Anal Toy”. Well it’s not my first anal toy but it could be your first anal toy. And the reason it’s called that because this is probably the most friendly beginner anal vibrator that I have ever come in contact with. This is the packaging.

It has ten functions with just the touch of one button. And as you can see, it goes from foreplay, to tease, to arouse, to zoom, wave, pulsation, vibration, random, razor and climax. So you’ve got plenty of options. The reason why I like it is it’s got a light in the base of it which I’m hoping you can see. This is the unit, itself. You turn it on, so night time play, it sounds really basic. It has a little light so that you can see what you’re doing and not fumbling around in the dark. It’s really a bonus. It got a light control panel too so each time you press it, it goes into each one of those functions I just talked about. And even the light, it’s just kind of fun to play with.

But the beauty of this product is really in the design. It’s tapered, it’s small, and it’s really almost more than an anal teaser. Lots of adults have talked about interest in anal exploration. It’s actually the number one taboo among adults. And more and more men and women are giving it a shot because it really is meant for both of us. There is all these amazing nerve ending in the anus in the perennial area. This is really a great toy, just start exploring with it. It’s plastic, but it’s got a velvety coat. And because of its plastic, it makes it very easy to clean up. And it has all these functions so you can really figure out what stimulation you like. I really believe in vibrator play when it comes to anal stimulation because the vibration seems to help most people really relax, loosen up a little bit more, and creates a whole other sensation versus some people who are experimenting with anal play.

They tend to tighten up and freeze up a little bit. But the vibration really seems to help loosen the area and help you prepare for the little insertion. This is what it is. It’s just a little insertion at a time and this is really the perfect product to just start out with anal play, figure out if you like it and move to the next thing if you want. But a lot of people end up liking this product so much, they come back to it over and over again, men and women alike. You can find the product at Go there right now and get 50% off almost any item plus a free gift and free shipping!