Wireless Remote Control Egg Review by Rosie La Roux

The next product that I have is a product for Sensual Couples. It’s called the Remote Control Egg. Now there are a lot of eggs in the market but let me tell you what’s special about this one. First of all it’s a wireless remote. Anybody who could ever work with any type of remote control sex toy product knows that wireless product is really the way to go.

You can’t tangle with the wires so it’s really easy to plug something, it can get really frustrating and you have to stop and start all over again. Another thing that makes this egg special is the physical size of the egg. Most eggs in the market are just a couple of inches high, maybe half inch around. This is a very large egg. It also has skin-like type of texture so it’s very smooth and soft. It feels great with a lubricant. It doesn’t have that hard, plastic or cold metallic feeling which can be a little bit uncomfortable, trying to get used to.

Another nice basic thing about the egg is that it has a hand strap which may not seem a big deal but if you’ve ever used a small toy, they’re very easy to drop. You don’t want to get in the middle of something, grab your toy, have to turn on the lights, tear up the bed sheets. It’s not very sexy. This is kind of better couple’s product to demonstrate so honey, could you come back here? I’m going to call my boyfriend.

Rosie: Hi babe, thanks for coming in. This is my boyfriend Cody and this is something that we’ve used together. It’s a lot of fun. So why don’t you tell them a little bit about how it works?

Cody: What’s cool about this product is we actually like to use bullets a lot early in our sex life because it’s something that I can control and she can control. We were able to share like play a lot and do things that aren’t expected. But the problem with wired bullets, wired things is that you get tangled with them. They just move where you don’t expect them to. With this, it’s wireless. It’s the first product I’ve ever used that’s doesn’t have a wire. It works up to 10 feet away. You can literally go from like one part of the room, the other side of the room and still use it. It’s really a large product so you can actually like maneuver and use it. It’s handle-able as opposed to these tiny bullets that are very hard to use, they slip around. It’s a lot of fun and it’s really good for just like with all-purpose use in the bedroom.

Rosie: Two other things that I’d like to point out about this egg that what makes it a little bit different are that if you’re a type of person who likes to tease play with their partner, Cody has definitely made me cum very crystal orgasm before, and then change the sensation from the remote control. So you could be using it a vibrating sensation and then get very crystal orgasm and then switch it over to another. Change it up and then start all over again so that was something that I didn’t even think about until we actually had our hands on it.

Cody: And what’s cool about this product too is that it works really well with other products for conjunction. So for example I want to use a G-spot stimulator, like the Hip G or something, I can use that in conjunction with this and have the access of being able to change speeds of different things with both hands a different times because of the wireless remote which something I’m never able to do. I’ve been really excited to experiment a lot, surprise her of things she didn’t expect.

Rosie: Another thing that I like about this product is the total tease. The way that you use the remote is that you can push it up to 5 times. Each time you push the button, a different kind of sensation comes from the egg. So you can start with the vibrating sensation till you really get close to orgasm and then all of a sudden push the button and egg is pulsating. And you have to start all over again.

Cody: There was a time where I did make her wear this in a butterfly panty and we were out in a dinner party. And I did turn it on during dinner.

Rosie: You don’t have to be an exhibitionist to fulfill small fantasies.

Cody: I told her at one time tonight we’re going to have sex at some point it felt awesome. We’re starting out and for hours and hours it built up. It was really fun because by the time we end up having sex, having a good night, it have been built up.

Rosie: I was even thinking on a long car trip to kind of change it up and keep things exciting depending on who’s driving. One person can have the remote, the other one has the steering wheel and you’ll just never know what’s going to happen. Keep you awake!